Touch [noun]

Definition of Touch:

physical contact

Synonyms of Touch:

Opposite/Antonyms of Touch:




Sentence/Example of Touch:

But remember to touch your beaver where the hemlock boughs are low.

"You cannot," said Philip, putting her gently aside, while she shrank from his touch.

But how wonderful and quick my touch has got, and how kind is heaven there, sir!

The touch, the choke in her voice, brought about Viviette's downfall.

"You force me to touch on things I should have liked to keep hidden," said Austin.

But the other thing was what happened, and it gave you a touch of the iron that a man needs in his blood.

The minute you touch on religion, as commonly understood, you reach the sectarian.

She would clasp him so close that evil should not touch him!

So keen the blade, so soft the touch, the sleeper did not wake!

There are many uneducated preachers who move the classes the clergy cannot touch.