Cuddling [verb]

Definition of Cuddling:

hold fondly, closely

Synonyms of Cuddling:

Opposite/Antonyms of Cuddling:

Sentence/Example of Cuddling:

She was red-haired by courtesy of the local beauty parlor, cuddling up in a flashy little leopard fur number.

There was a laughable cuddling down and scampering for the coal-bunkers, the engine-room, and between decks.

What would she think, if she knew, this dainty creature cuddling against his knee?

He was always cuddling down in the warm feathers on his mother's back, even when he was a pretty big fellow.

That night he slept in a barn, cuddling down in the haymow, where he could hear some horses stirring in their stalls.

Beside her in the bed she could feel the soft body of her younger sister cuddling up to her in fright.

And besides, papa is never mean—and he doesn't like cuddling.

That is the real reason why she is cuddling up to the Sick Man.

He tried one after the other, cuddling the stocks to his cheek.

"I can only say good night tonight with a clear conscience," said Anne, cuddling luxuriously down among her pillows.