Snug [adjective]

Definition of Snug:

cozy, warm

Synonyms of Snug:

Opposite/Antonyms of Snug:

Sentence/Example of Snug:

Shall get to Ostend, or Rotterdam, safe and snug; thence to Paris.

And when you told me about the marriage, did not I say that I saw our way to a snug thing for life?

There was the little house, white as paint could make it, and snug in bowering foliage.

I feel as if there would be nothing so snug and comfortable as to die at once.'

It wouldn't be bad to keep a chance like this snug in the family.

There, she's singing it now, and we're snug;—tell me when she stops, and I'll stop myself.

When the door was shut, they were snug there even in winter.

He probably has his own joys and interests—wife, children, snug little home.

If this water was salt we'd be as snug as a couple of pickled mackerel.

“Think it makes nice, snug quarters,” was the prompt answer.