Restful [adjective]

Definition of Restful:


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Sentence/Example of Restful:

How restful this quiet and reserve after the colour and line tumult of the Higbee apartment.

There is something in the restful radiance of moonlight which mellows hearts.

The restful loneliness of the only life he had known was gone.

It was gay, it was quiet and restful, it was intimately personal.

Now they became oases, restful shades in the sunlight of his effort.

At one time it is quiet and restful; at another passionate and bold.

She looked so cool and restful in her white frock and shady hat.

For the first week or two, while he felt so ill, it had been restful.

Are you conscious of the restful influence which the stars exert?

Her daughter, she said, had had a restful night, in spite of her terrible experience.