Pacific [adjective]

Definition of Pacific:

appeasing, peaceful

Synonyms of Pacific:

Opposite/Antonyms of Pacific:

Sentence/Example of Pacific:

She sat quietly looking at the Pacific and thinking her own thoughts.

The roaring winds of the Pacific make you drunk to begin with.

It washes its face in the Atlantic, and its feet in the Pacific.

They did not talk to each other on the Pacific coast about it.

He'd been in the Pacific a while, they say, and was a Jack-of-all-trades in America.

The day had broken by this time, quick and beautiful as ever in the Pacific Ocean.

You, I believed, were away in the Pacific, where all things beautiful should be.

It's a garden land,' said I, 'a sunny haven in this good Pacific sea.'

But he was very anxious that the Consolidated Pacific people should think he had.

Industry and knowledge and the pacific arts of life were making progress.