Placatory [adjective]

Definition of Placatory:

appeasing, peaceful

Synonyms of Placatory:

Opposite/Antonyms of Placatory:

Sentence/Example of Placatory:

Mary looked astonished, then alarmed, then placatory and uneasy.

The answer was neither antagonistic nor placatory; it was merely colorless.

"That's all right, old chap, you just rest up a bit," said the placatory youth.

They were all placatory—in every case the object was to bring men into friendly relations with the god.

"She's so excited over Kate's coming home," said Mrs. Barrington with a placatory smile.

Henceforth the ceremonial, instead of placatory and expiatory, became nuptial.

She looked down at me with such a placatory and genuinely feminine smile I decided I'd been foolish to be offended.

Wherefore, instead of quarrelling with the deputation, he rose with placatory phrases in his mouth.