Sarcastic [adjective]

Definition of Sarcastic:

nasty, mocking in speech

Opposite/Antonyms of Sarcastic:

Sentence/Example of Sarcastic:

He was awfully handsome and as clever and sarcastic as anything.

Then Massot, with his sarcastic impudence, summed up the situation.

"I've been 'following the gleam,'" said Coryston, with a sarcastic mouth.

And he finished with a sarcastic allusion, the drift of which was as yet patent to him alone.

Gone were the days of sarcastic ridicule, of visionary politics.

I imagined I could see the sarcastic smile upon the captain's face.

And with this he burst out into a laugh of sarcastic defiance.

"I never pillaged you, Repton," said Niel, with a sarcastic smile.

"Come, come," said the other, with a sarcastic coolness that only increased my father's rage.

"Not without cause, I imagine," said Andor, with a sarcastic laugh.