Carping [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Carping:

But he was quite right in carping at her, for fortune, like other fickle jades, is more likely to be true if steadily abused.

And to the author of the play it seems as though every person in that audience is a carping critic!

His patience had been worn threadbare by much carping and criticism, and he answered her letter in that given below.

"You don't know what is polite," cried Eva, greatly shocked at this carping spirit in the presence of a hard-worked host.

I had learned to walk unruffled in the face of the most carping, suspicious and the fishiest of these batteries.

The owner was not one to let a carping world settle for him the value of his treasure.

They meet all his suggestions with an excess of carping criticism.

These are not simply the suspicions and conjectures of a carping and defiant criticism.

He was sometimes commonplace, and sometimes carping and fretful.

Mary was truly fond of her friend, but she could not help looking at life sometimes from her mother's carping point of view.