Hypercritical [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Hypercritical:

Her mother ran the household with a hypercritical eye, although she could stand only for short periods.

Quite a number of Marxian critics find themselves in the same position as the hypercritical French sculptor.

To be hypercritical, I might suggest that perhaps occasionally the version is rather too literal.

Be not hypercritical, for Heart's sake, against a man whose aim it is to help the cause of Heart.

The public ear has become dainty, fastidious, hypercritical; hence the Ballad-Singer languishes and dies.

The rest of the evening I could enjoy to my heart's content with no hypercritical glances following me around.

"But it is hypercritical even to suggest such a thing," she said, pouting.

I hope they do not read as if I were hypercritical or sceptical.

But few, we think, would have been hypercritical in judging of Columbus' first attitudes as he stepped down upon his new world.

If one wished to be hypercritical, one could trace the long-headedness of a minority of Jews to this admixture of race from Spain.