Demanding [adjective]

Definition of Demanding:

challenging, urgent

Synonyms of Demanding:

Opposite/Antonyms of Demanding:

Sentence/Example of Demanding:

There’s this homeostasis when people are engaged and they’re not tired, and whatever they’re paying attention at the time is not too demanding or too boring, they probably don’t need to be fidgeting.

“We accept a responsibility as daunting and demanding as any that previous generations of leadership have faced,” the California Democrat told the chamber as she accepted a fresh two-year term in her post, perhaps her last.

“We are not going to forget, as we move into the challenging and demanding years ahead, that no group of our citizens can be denied the right to participate in the opportunities of first-class citizenship,” Sanford said near the end of his speech.

This is his seventh NFL season, and even in a sport as physical and demanding as football, Moses’s ability and willingness to play through injury stand out.

If hard and seemingly futile work on a difficult problem is followed up with a less demanding activity that does not require complete focus—walking, showering, cooking—a mind is free to wander.

Oculus Quest 2 by FacebookThe best of both virtual realitiesVR rigs typically demand that users choose between portability and power, as most mobile headsets can’t run the most demanding games and applications.

That brutal honesty, coupled with a demanding and fast-paced atmosphere that former employees say they have yet to experience anywhere else, has made it hard for many execs to stick around for too long.

The Moderna vaccine is less demanding, with a storage temperature of minus-20 Celsius, which is the same for many medications.

It gets more and more computationally demanding as you have more intersections to coordinate, and it changes as you add and subtract cars.

People are making tools which are less and less demanding of technical skills.