Painstaking [adjective]

Definition of Painstaking:

meticulous, thorough

Synonyms of Painstaking:

Opposite/Antonyms of Painstaking:

Sentence/Example of Painstaking:

No science or painstaking can make up for his not doing this.

Excellence in art, as in everything else, can only be achieved by dint of painstaking labour.

But there should have been painstaking investigation, even after the fact.

Then it equally concerns them both to be painstaking and prodigal of toil in all their doings?

This book is the result of painstaking tests and experiments.

The book is written in an able, masterly, and painstaking manner.

How little are the workings of genius understood by the "painstaking" ones.

He heard them, spoken in English with painstaking distinctness.

For my part I can only claim a laborious and painstaking effort to get the facts.

His ear was cocked toward the glasses with painstaking care.