Diligent [adjective]

Definition of Diligent:

persevering, hard-working

Synonyms of Diligent:

Opposite/Antonyms of Diligent:

Sentence/Example of Diligent:

With covid-19 cases and positivity rates ticking up in the region and across the state, it is critical for all Marylanders who need a test to be diligent about getting a test.

This week, the coach seemed happy that Haskins would get to see Smith — a quarterback long regarded as one of the league’s most diligent workers — preparing for games.

The men had been training together under the diligent eye of Alberto Salazar, a former Nike athlete and American record holder in the 10,000 meters.

Nonetheless, even the most diligent amateur risks taking a beating if they trade for any length of time.

Despite their treatment of others’ cubs, female hyenas can be “very attentive and diligent mothers,” Strauss says.

He just thinks his habit of using the mail as a convenient tool of democracy is different because he’s diligent.

But he was studious, diligent, and anxious to avoid repremands and to fulfil the expectations of his parents.

He was sent from one place to another, in quest of his friend, and made diligent use of his long legs, but without success.

The three plodded on, taking a diligent constitutional walk, exchanging very few words, and those chiefly between the girls.

While we considered whether we shall negociate, I fear the French have been more diligent.