Neglectful [adjective]

Definition of Neglectful:

careless, failing

Synonyms of Neglectful:

Opposite/Antonyms of Neglectful:

Sentence/Example of Neglectful:

Really, Dan, it is extraordinary how neglectful of me that child can sometimes be.

Was there any human father who could be so callous, so neglectful, so cruel, as that?

I felt impatient and decided to give her a scolding for being so neglectful.

Mr. Soames, a man of experience, scented an intrigue and a neglectful husband.

Not only the siege orphans, but so many who have sick or neglectful mothers.

And for that very reason they are often neglectful of the last but one.

“If that is so it is rather a pity that she was recently so neglectful,” I said.

But why are we all of us so neglectful of Inner cleanliness and so careful of Outer?

Yet, what cares Tom for scolding or anything else, he who is so neglectful of duty?

It was not only that the public was neglectful, unappreciative.