Derelict [adjective]

Definition of Derelict:

careless, negligent

Synonyms of Derelict:

Opposite/Antonyms of Derelict:

Sentence/Example of Derelict:

A fair ship on a fair sea soon parts company with a derelict—unless it tows it.

Yet he had gone twice in the fortnight at her call to help her through stormy nights with the derelict.

Erdil is a tiny derelict Christian village situated in the Oramar valley a little above its confluence with the Zab.

A dead ship, a derelict, come to them by merest chance from some unthinkably remote star.

Eyes turned curiously on the shambling derelict, but the only expression on Newt's face was one of surly defiance to the world.

When they went on deck again Corregidor Island was astern, rising out of the channel like a derelict battleship.

When I found the police in charge of the motor-car I had left I thought they were merely guarding it as a derelict.

You are too young, and too gifted, to remain here in this sluggish backwater, alongside a derelict like me.

Yet men are as often derelict in furnishing provision for their families as women are lax in its administration.

There is much romance on that old way, which is one of several derelict branching roads just here.