Shabby [adjective]

Definition of Shabby:

broken-down; in poor shape

Opposite/Antonyms of Shabby:

Sentence/Example of Shabby:

And while he slept the ground-squirrel ravaged the pockets of his shabby coat.

It had the well-worn look of an old coat, shabby but comfortable.

From the sounds, she judged that he was putting on his shabby gray coat.

The shabby bag between them attracted Gloria's curious gaze.

He wore, indeed, a shabby greenish-gray suit, and a flannel shirt.

You have to go to work, and it worries me terribly when I see you shabby.

His clothes are shabby and neglected; he walks with a shuffling, tired movement.

I open, and lo, a policeman in shabby uniform, makes inquiry about Khalid.

Only your bits of shabby duds—that's all that pretty faces like yours wants.

In the shabby main room of that dwelling, Andre-Louis halted him again.