Deteriorated [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Deteriorated:

Infrastructure—bridges, highways, pavement—deteriorates over time with continuous use.

A five-year cheddar, although tasty, will result in an overly oily fondue because its casein has deteriorated too much to form a cohesive melted mass.

Try as they might to cross-pollinate through research and investments, the climate between China and the United States continues to deteriorate into political one-upmanship, leaving users to pay the steepest costs.

One year as a teacher — you’re not going to deteriorate as a teacher and not be able to get paid going forward.

The Tuesday talks marked a rare moment of cooperation between the two powers, whose deteriorating relations over the pandemic, Hong Kong, and human rights, at times, have appeared to put the trade pact at risk.

But in Virginia it was grown without interruption or alternation, and the plantations rapidly deteriorated in fertility.

And there was not too much of it—never any more than a tired and slightly deteriorated editor could stand.

Side by side with this deteriorated literature there goes on a more encouraging folk-singing.

Of the fourteen “good,” thirteen graduated in as good health; one in much deteriorated health.

Worse than all, too, the common trout deteriorated, for they had fed on the spawn of the salmo eriox.