Sleazy [adjective]

Definition of Sleazy:


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Sentence/Example of Sleazy:

If too large, on the other hand, the work is apt to be sleazy.

This pretense, this sleazy imitation of your old room is wrong.

Joe watched his narrow, bent shoulders under the sleazy shirt.

“Oh yes, dating younger people is so sleazy,” Lester said with a chuckle.

He takes a kind of look-over at Hod, no collar nor nothing, and that sleazy coat of his'n.

Finally he gave them up too, and one morning came to work wearing a flimsy, sleazy, negligee shirt.

"Indeed you must or you'll turn out a sleazy piece of weaving," answered Della.

Wearily the woman began to pull about her shoulders a wrinkled, sleazy wrap.

Next to her was an old woman in a sleazy black dress with a turban-like hat all swathed with a long black veil hemmed with black.

He encountered a sleazy justicary who stitched up shady deals in the back rooms of cafs.