Common [adjective]

Definition of Common:

average, ordinary

Opposite/Antonyms of Common:

Sentence/Example of Common:

Students would have a fully equipped laptop to call their own as well as one that didn’t lack key functionalities, which is common among donated devices.

The company’s financial history is occluded — common with private companies — and a bit uneven.

Residents often live four to a room, share a bathroom, and congregate in crowded common spaces.

The system can’t be easily reverse-engineered to determine what it learned to pay attention to during training — a common problem for researchers trying to use AI to do science.

Accounts on these platforms were all registered using a handful of common email addresses and phone numbers.

The Smooth Naked Horsetail is a common plant, specially by the sides of streams and pools.

I would ask you to imagine it translated into every language, a common material of understanding throughout all the world.

Our social life is aimless without it, we are a crowd without a common understanding.

Diplococci without capsules are common in the sputum, but have no special significance.

He had discovered that the all-glorious boast of Spain was not exempt from the infirmities of common men.