Aristocratic [adjective]

Definition of Aristocratic:

privileged, elegant

Synonyms of Aristocratic:

Opposite/Antonyms of Aristocratic:

Sentence/Example of Aristocratic:

The aristocratic name d’Estaing had been officially added to that of his father, Edmond Giscard, only a few years before Valéry’s birth.

The Giscards had aristocratic connections through the women of the family.

Among the ladies of "gentle blood," however, there is more of the asserted aristocratic symmetry and beauty than among the men.

She was either aristocratic, or had something to hide, unless she responded to the confidences natural to people of that class.

The rough guerrilla soldier was not the soldier of the dreams of the proud, aristocratic girl.

No such missive had, to his knowledge, ever before found its way into the aristocratic precincts of Crompton Place.

It was a great event, and Jane was dressed with the utmost care to visit the aristocratic mansion.

She looked exactly like him, besides having his aristocratic airs.

It does not contain great pieces, but tit-bits of pictures, such as suit an aristocratic epicure.

Through the partly open door, Lowell caught a glimpse of an aristocratic face, surmounted by gray hair.