Stylish [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Stylish:

We are obliged to be,” with a slight shudder at the vulgarism, “stylish.

Her gown was simple and inexpensive but it was stylish and becoming.

Was not the infatuated Paul handsome, stylish, and evidently sincere?

There was a stylish drinking-place, kept by a man named Guy, in Seventh Street.

We got to be stylish now this little girl's goin' to boss us.

Wasn't she stylish for a girl who was married New Years day in 1844?

The stylish team and glistening wagon were just spinning away.

But no; they would rather have a stylish dress than a graceful body.

Of her stylish sister-in-law Jessamine was absolutely in awe.

They were very popular and stylish before the automobile came.