Rakish [adjective]

Definition of Rakish:

charming and immoral

Synonyms of Rakish:

Opposite/Antonyms of Rakish:

Sentence/Example of Rakish:

He bowed, rakish and smiling, with all the airs of a dancing master.

He was leaning back in a morris chair, rakish, debonair, and at his ease.

I do not know what a rakish craft is; but this was very rakish and very crafty.

The Imp was narrow and rakish, with a low cockpit and a high bow and stern.

After which them two old cut-ups wink at each other rakish and slap their knees.

He was a serious young man, not rakish or loud-voiced like the others.

He is a rakish looking fellow, dressed in smart but cheap clothing.

But no, still tilted to a rakish angle, it came at last to rest.

The square section of stone floor was now tilted to a rakish angle.

It was still leaning at a rakish angle when the boy sprang up the ladder.