Dissolute [adjective]

Definition of Dissolute:

lacking restraint, indulgent

Opposite/Antonyms of Dissolute:

Sentence/Example of Dissolute:

He caused his mother sorrow, by a dissolute life and by forcible inroads on the maternal purse.

Another notices that had she been dissolute, she would have preferred the liberty of remaining a widow.

A true daughter of an artist, of a genial and dissolute artist, thoroughly in the romantic tradition, as was Sebastien Ruys.

How would the young and dissolute monarch look upon the claims of Rhode Island?

He had seized upon the government and gained over a vast number of the most dissolute and discontented spirits to his side.

The prince's habits were dissolute and extravagant; he was an undutiful son, and the king a somewhat unforgiving father.

The Seven Sisters Road was the scene of most of his adventures, if adventures they could be called, these dissolute pilgrimages.

It is certain that the Jew led a dissolute life, and that his amours were numerous.

Life knocked at the door and tore him from his artist's dreams to a dissolute existence of alternating pleasure and boredom.

The cloisters of Cluniacs and Cistercians--branches of the Benedictines--were filled with idle and dissolute monks.