Unprincipled [adjective]

Definition of Unprincipled:


Opposite/Antonyms of Unprincipled:

Sentence/Example of Unprincipled:

He changed the note once more with an unprincipled versatility.

There will be left of it but one unprincipled woman—and she wretched and an outcast.

In this matter, however, Lloyd Avalons was not quite so unprincipled as he seemed.

He was a bold, undaunted, and energetic seaman, but unprincipled and merciless.

Unprincipled attacks are often made on me by political muckrakers.

How dare you come to me with slanders so vile, false, unprincipled woman?'

Spontini was a vigorous director, but unprincipled, vain and narrow.

In a few years his unprincipled wife warped the probity of a lifetime.

Ambitious men of old were not nice; now they are unprincipled.

He is that monstrum horrendum, an unprincipled man of genius.