Immoral [adjective]

Definition of Immoral:

evil, degenerate

Opposite/Antonyms of Immoral:

Sentence/Example of Immoral:

At a time when awarding medical degrees to women seemed laughable at best and immoral at worst, Elizabeth Blackwell persisted in making a life in medicine.

It is unwise and immoral to accept any important statement without proof.

Nations, whose constitutions are immoral and unscriptural, are commanded to perform the duty.

Facility for obtaining loans at fair rates will not make immoral men moral.

The law is immoral: it is the conspiracy of rulers and priests against the workers, to continue their subjection.

Figures are not available concerning immoral acts which do not become the subject of a criminal charge.

These immoral practices have been organized in a way that was not evident before.

Then perhaps, people will regard us as immoral and treat us like decent human beings again.

The Romans were more immoral yet more observant of religious ceremonies than the Greeks, who acted and thought as they pleased.

Religion but too often forms licentious, immoral tyrants, obeyed by slaves who are obliged to conform to their views.