Obscene [adjective]

Definition of Obscene:

indecent, offensive, immoral

Opposite/Antonyms of Obscene:

Sentence/Example of Obscene:

And a third showed the horn of an ox, with an obscene inscription.

He growled an obscene oath as he heaved the great oar forward.

Hargus repeated the prisoner's request with obscene embellishment.

Between them they dragged into the light the obscene burden.

But Tonet made an obscene gesture, and started to put the jacket on.

Obscene words were scrawled on the walls, and even on the pulpit itself.

They laugh at our music, they scoff at our arts and twist them into obscene mockeries.

Their songs and games are exceedingly licentious, and their myths are obscene.

The obscene rites were at war with the current mores of the people at the time.

Out of this has come the notion of what is obscene, as the extreme of indecency and impropriety.