Heinous [adjective]

Definition of Heinous:

horrifying, monstrous

Synonyms of Heinous:

Opposite/Antonyms of Heinous:

Sentence/Example of Heinous:

Doctors, the FBI and local law enforcement are all called in to not only try to solve a medical mystery, but also a heinous crime.

This is a heinous and violent assault on the heart of our democracy.

Environmental criminals, authoritarian regimes, tax evaders and financial criminals, drug traffickers, wildlife poachers, and gun runners—all those responsible for the most heinous crimes have turned to anonymous shell companies.

He was thrashed at school before the Jews and the hubshi, for the heinous crime of bringing home false reports of progress.

It was not a heinous sin, nor would it affect his moral character.

Next she was heard discussing and excusing the most heinous crimes of which human nature can be guilty.

Still more heinous was the verdict based upon evidence which, if enough in quantity, was manifestly worthless in quality.

All three were asked if their offences were not heinous, and if they had not been justly tried and lawfully condemned.

I still had a soldier's code of honour, and desertion appeared to me in the light of a heinous crime.

I cannot refrain from telling you, sir, how much this heinous act of yours has shocked me.