Frightful [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Frightful:

Other properties aim to appeal to travelers by promoting safe indoor activities when the weather outside is frightful.

She looked from the picture to her daughter, with a frightful glare, in their before mild aspect.

The darkness, or rather the general misapprehension, which prevails on this subject, is a frightful source of disease and misery.

But, though defeated, he showed his spirit by keeping up a frightful barking.

Most of the young fellows around here are in the Army, and the older men are frightful old fossils.

Till lately they have died in a proportion frightful compared with their numbers.

Lise, who is more or less in years, in trying to render a young woman ridiculous, has changed so much as to become frightful.

No doubt a considerable number of species of animals and plants perished before this frightful invasion.

The Indian Ocean, meanwhile, swarmed with pirates of whose rapacity and cruelty frightful stories were told.

A great part of this region is an arid and frightful desert; but the more favored portions are extremely fertile.