Revolting [adjective]

Definition of Revolting:

disgusting, nauseating

Synonyms of Revolting:

Opposite/Antonyms of Revolting:

Sentence/Example of Revolting:

It was something inside of me shuddering, and saying 'how revolting!'

I was unable to restrain a shudder at the thought of this revolting contest.

To think of them in control of the inner planets was revolting.

In the midst of one of these revolting paroxysms Spike breathed his last.

The bodies of the slain the savages had cut up in the most revolting manner.

Some of its earlier scenes are too revolting for the imagination to call up.

Such a thing would have been horrible, revolting, sacrilegious.

And when the end is achieved, how awful, how revolting, but how natural.

She had no words to express her feelings of horror and revolting.

The sight was beyond all description in its revolting and hideous pathos.