Horrid [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Horrid:

The Duke of Hastings is broken, consumed by a vow made against a horrid father.

Her eyes, for a moment, fixed themselves with a horrid conviction of a wide and nameless treachery.

But he was ignorant of that part of the horrid tale; and the Duke, in a milder voice, bade him rise.

They are faced by a horrid redoubt held by machine guns, and they are to rush it with the bayonet.

John Tubbs was one day doing his sums, when little Sam Jones pushed against him; and down went the slate with a horrid clatter.

I guess you are growing up, 17 laughed unconscious Dinah; its hateful and horrid to grow up; I never shall.

This horrid act was perpetrated by crushing their heads with two large stones, as they lay asleep on the ground.

I went out to-night to take a quiet walk upon this place, and the horrid brazen discord of these trumpeters set me half mad.

One of the bedroom doors was wide open, and a horrid sight met his astonished eyes.

Father is so horrid and hateful, and said awful things to me just because I asked him to write to Stacey.