Embarrassing [adjective]

Definition of Embarrassing:

humiliating, shaming

Opposite/Antonyms of Embarrassing:

Sentence/Example of Embarrassing:

Its latest election-focused security move follows an embarrassing account hack incident in July which saw scores of verified users’ accounts accessed and used to tweet out a cryptocurrency scam.

Critics believe the elections were postponed because the pro-Beijing government fears an embarrassing groundswell of support for pro-democracy councillors.

That it was just embarrassing on the world stage for the Soviet Union.

“I can see her point of view now, but to a pre-teen it was embarrassing,” said Richmond.

The subject is made more embarrassing because of its—er, rather personal nature.

To be either too much, or too little dressed at such times is embarrassing.

The follies of youth have a basis in sound reason, just as much as the embarrassing questions put by babes and sucklings.

A faintly embarrassing situation this, even for an ancestor of the elusive Pimpernel.

Dont tease me, she said, so quietly that an embarrassing silence fell between them.

There was an embarrassing moment as Tom and Bob seated themselves on the log, while the crew stood awkwardly by.