Distracting [verb]

Definition of Distracting:

divert attention; confuse

Synonyms of Distracting:

Opposite/Antonyms of Distracting:

Sentence/Example of Distracting:

And she had good reason to believe that no woman had ever been more charming, distracting, provocative.

Even these few unmistakable instances are less distracting than the ones in Dennis.

Users who find this behavior distracting may keep their mouse or cursor in text-free areas such a margin or scroll bar.

Hadria buried her face in her hands, as if to shut out distracting sights and sounds, so that she might think more clearly.

And in her face was an expression of exquisite sweetness—albeit now there were distracting emotions mingled with it.

They are sometimes even better than large private libraries where the number of books is distracting.

But the whole thing is distracting, like constructing history out of myths and legends.

The same distracting thing happens to both legs, and the only remedy is to chip laboriously an icy channel around it.

But he wailed and howled in his shed in the backyard, and no doors could smother the distracting sound.

Clarissa, on the contrary, the lovely image of impassioned virtue, is drawn in lines of distracting purity.