Exasperating [verb]

Definition of Exasperating:

upset, provoke

Synonyms of Exasperating:

Opposite/Antonyms of Exasperating:

Sentence/Example of Exasperating:

Images of crowded bars and boardwalks exasperated public health officials as the virus crept from populated metro centers to beach towns, infecting visitors who then took it back to their communities.

My failure to accomplish the desired result is grievously exasperating, and I feel deeply humiliated.

Several circumstances at this time combined to make this escape peculiarly exasperating to the Confederates.

My pampered pet is an exasperating little sneak that cannot be trusted for a minute.

They kept trotting about in circles, and avoided the warriors with a persistency that must have been exasperating to them.

What a tremendous jar that would give Bland's exasperating complacency.

She was back at fifteen—a particularly exasperating child of fifteen.

"What you wanted to tell me," he said with exasperating suavity.

A new and exasperating thought came into his feverish consciousness.

One of these taunting expressions is “Kitho karishtiditore,” which is a most exasperating saying.