Disturb [verb]

Definition of Disturb:

bother, upset

Synonyms of Disturb:

Opposite/Antonyms of Disturb:

Sentence/Example of Disturb:

At some point, it got disturbed and fell inward toward the sun.

PTIs can conduct light waves on their surface and edges rather than having them run through the material, and allow light to be redirected around corners without disturbing its flow.

The onset of the pandemic, however, has disturbed this uneasy balance.

Major publications such as The New York Times and rights groups like Amnesty International echoed her disturbing eye-witness account.

Most of the 352 pits and other intentionally disturbed areas in La Mina contain remnants of ochre deposits, the researchers say.

They discuss a 2017 study by Northeastern sociologists Arnold Arluke and Jack Levin which found that humans were more disturbed by the abuse of both puppies and adult dogs than the abuse of adult humans.

She now studies how bacteria and plants bounce back after their soil environment has been disturbed by mining.

It oscillates when energy disturbs it, just like the rope moves up and down when someone shakes it.

One disturbing trend, tied to the oil industry, is a diminished demand for education.

As small letters weary the eye most, so also the smallest affairs disturb us most.