Intrude [verb]

Definition of Intrude:

trespass, interrupt

Synonyms of Intrude:

Opposite/Antonyms of Intrude:

Sentence/Example of Intrude:

Right now, Wexler says, it’s too early to worry about brain tech intruding on our privacy.

She added that it also intruded on the powers of state lawmakers and the governor’s office by allowing a state agency to administer recreational marijuana.

Hammers or scalpels lack the power to intrude on your thought process several times every minute.

Gujral plans to be more transparent with invitations she can’t accept, telling friends or acquaintances that an event would intrude on family time.

Still, “Singaporeans do care about the extent to which the state intrudes into their private lives,” says Lee.

A Wistron representative told AFP that “the incident was caused by people of unknown identities from outside who intruded into and damaged its facility with unclear intentions.”

Of course they would stop for the wedding; but meantime she must be very discreet; she must not intrude too much.

You are determined to intrude upon this man in your present frame of mind at a time of evident trouble?

Will you forgive me if I so far intrude myself upon your private affairs as to give you a few words of advice?

She tried her best to forget it, but the ungracious thought would again and again intrude.