Interfere [verb]

Definition of Interfere:

meddle, intervene

Opposite/Antonyms of Interfere:

Sentence/Example of Interfere:

The weight can mimic touch, and the deep pressure can be beneficial for little ones who experience overstimulation linked to ADHD or autism, which might be interfering with their sleep.

“He must have staff members over there looking for ways to interfere with the District,” said Norton, who has often sparred with Lee over his attempts to set policy in the District.

Processors with just tens of qubits are already the size of server racks, so finding ways to squeeze thousands or even millions of them into a reasonable amount of space while preventing them from interfering with each other is an unsolved problem.

Finance professors bemoaning how the extreme volatility is interfering with the market’s “price discovery” process.

As those electron waves spread out, they interfered with each other.

When cooled to nearly absolute zero, a thin cloud of gas can condense into a BEC, whose uncommon quantum mechanical properties include the ability to interfere with another BEC, much as two lasers can interfere.

If you’re going to drink alcohol, limit yourself to one drink, as alcohol can interfere with deep sleep.

A federal judge in November prohibited him from violating the editorial “firewall” and interfering in editorial decisions.

The FBI also said it had observed people downloading and sharing maps of sensitive locations in Washington and discussing how those facilities could be used to interfere in security during the inauguration.

Last February, the Democrat-controlled House passed legislation that would make it easier for workers to organize, limit employers’ anti-union tools and increase penalties for companies that interfere.