Facilitate [verb]

Definition of Facilitate:

assist the progress of

Synonyms of Facilitate:

Opposite/Antonyms of Facilitate:

Sentence/Example of Facilitate:

While Zoom is a fine tool for live conversations in small groups, it has few tools to facilitate the kind of engagement necessary for real learning.

Third, regulatory agencies should provide guidance for excipient reporting, facilitating greater transparency about excipient use and supply source.

It’s possible that nose rinses might “stir up the virus and facilitate its spread,” Lane cautions.

In the west, we’ve partnered with technology companies like MikMak that have facilitated social commerce around our core platforms.

“Even when the world gets the pandemic under control, business travel won’t come back the same way,” he states, adding that people will simply have fewer reasons to get on a plane when remote work has facilitated so much collaboration from afar.

It was no longer just homework, connectivity before and after school, but facilitating school all day, especially for kids that have no broadband access at home.

That decision later forced the city to race to cut a deal with Fifth Avenue Landing to facilitate a potential expansion.

Arkansas says it works to facilitate testing for all close contacts of positive cases, and also tries to provide testing for anyone in the state who wants a test, asymptomatic or not.

If we can get them open, it will facilitate productivity and more business activity.

Back in the day, nobody anticipated the rise of print-on-demand books or the massive explosion of self-publishing facilitated by Amazon and other companies.