Worsen [verb]

Definition of Worsen:

diminish, decay

Synonyms of Worsen:

Opposite/Antonyms of Worsen:

Sentence/Example of Worsen:

Methinks yon lazy Joan might lift one, and be none the worsen.

You couldn't botch it worsen Hammer has, and you might do some good.

However, this glittering armour became the Modern yet worsen than his own.

Here and there— there is nothing to better, nothing to worsen.

I was worsen you afore I struck it; an' now, why, I wouldn't care to call the Queen me aunt!'

It's wanter Systum that's the curse uv Australia; an' Ted's got it worsen most.

Economic conditions may worsen, and military power decline; but such processes imply no physiological degeneration.

Quite calmly He weighed its worth; and in one of us even then He detected a flaw which would widen and worsen.

For the true artistic sense impels one to work always—and always to better and not worsen, what it touches.