Disintegrate [verb]

Definition of Disintegrate:

fall apart; reduce to pieces

Opposite/Antonyms of Disintegrate:

Sentence/Example of Disintegrate:

Cassie remains fixated on Alex, contributing to her disintegrating emotional state.

Dripping sweat post-run, I often stand holding the cup, watching the disintegrating tablet float to the surface of my cold filtered water in anticipation of that first, most satisfying hit.

It went from almost disintegrating—two months into my time at Google, my co-lead, Meg Mitchell, was going to quit.

Just the year before, a plane flown by British pilot Geoffrey de Havilland had disintegrated in the attempt.

The typical meteoroid is no larger than a grain of sand, but it travels so fast that it energizes electrons both in its own atoms as it disintegrates and in atmospheric atoms and molecules.

While other merino wool base layers I’ve used have effectively disintegrated—developing numerous holes and shedding more and more material after every washing—the two Icebreaker tees I bought three summers ago became my day-to-day mainstays.

Along with a durable polydura cover, it has 100 pages of weatherproof paper that won’t disintegrate if it comes in contact with water, grease, or mud.

It felt like building material, but the kind that would disintegrate after a heavy rain.

Relations between Muslims and Christians disintegrated in northern Iraq after the Islamic State took over Mosul and surrounding regions in 2014.

But the formation began to disintegrate as the weaker ones dropped behind, and no attempt was made to keep it.