Disband [verb]

Definition of Disband:

break up

Synonyms of Disband:

Opposite/Antonyms of Disband:

Sentence/Example of Disband:

The company, Electrek’s Fred Lambert wrote, has disbanded its PR department altogether, leaving no one to respond to press queries.

At first, the top guideline listed on the page said that the group would disband after the election.

The elite running team was ultimately disbanded last year after its head coach, Alberto Salazar, received a four-year suspension for doping violations.

Police were called to the man's home twice in one week, and he refused to disband the party on the second occasion, authorities said.

Since May, at least 11 cities have started the process of cutting police budgets or disbanding police departments altogether.

He is a groomsman; but the party disband to-morrow; only Miss Morris attending the young couple to their home up the country.

At once the friction in the women's club developed, till it seemed wise to disband it.

Col. Sumner ordered John Brown to give up his prisoners, and disband his men.

One of the chief reasons that juvenile clubs often disband for lack of interest is because nothing is laid out for them to do.

He was then sent back to formally disband the company, which he did July 28, and they were dishonorably discharged.