Destroy [verb]

Definition of Destroy:

demolish, devastate

Synonyms of Destroy:

Opposite/Antonyms of Destroy:

Sentence/Example of Destroy:

The nova does not destroy the star, unlike a supernova, which marks a star’s death.

In addition to leveling forests for crops, the Spanish plantation system also began to destroy biodiversity with imported cattle and replace mountains with mines.

The eventual goal is to be able to 3D print bones directly into the cavity of a patient, for scenarios in which a certain portion of bone has been removed or destroyed.

He wants them destroyed lest some accident or malicious act unleash smallpox on the world again.

It’s marketing’s mass conservation, with nothing created and nothing destroyed.

Senate Bill 55 would, critics say, effectively destroy public education in Missouri.

Resonance chains are fragile arrangements, and knocking a planet even slightly out of its orbit can destroy them.

The company said it has fired the two executives who discussed destroying documents and instituted a new code of conduct.

Part of the issue is that most records were destroyed during fires or lost over time.

That’s a lot of line shuffling ahead of a matchup with a Tampa Bay pass rush that destroyed the Green Bay Packers’ offensive line in the NFC championship game, taking advantage of the absence of injured left tackle David Bakhtiari.