Shatter [verb]

Definition of Shatter:

break into small pieces

Synonyms of Shatter:

Opposite/Antonyms of Shatter:

Sentence/Example of Shatter:

Shatter their skulls with blows from your ax and the butt of your musket.

The crew of the Shatter had apparently forgotten that they could support their demand with force of arms.

Fortunately, no one could see us, for the Shatter had in the meantime made fast to our stern.

The following interesting dialogue, which was conducted in English, now took place between the captain of the Shatter and my mate.

We were too much under the observation of the various signalling stations to dismount the Shatter's guns and take them over.

We were going straight for the Shatter at full speed, but she made no effort to escape being rammed.

Suddenly the Shatter turned to port, and as she heeled over for an instant on account of the sudden turn, we read the signal.

Of course, we answered the greeting of the Shatter with cap-waving and a friendly 'Good-bye!'

Another patrol-boat, then,—but this time a much bigger and more modern one than our friend the Shatter.

By now the wireless boat had come up with the Shatter, which was still making leisurely for Tralee.