Exhaust [verb]

Definition of Exhaust:

tire or wear out

Synonyms of Exhaust:

Opposite/Antonyms of Exhaust:

Sentence/Example of Exhaust:

Still, a big mistake or a lot of bad luck could put a hole in the exhaust, damage the transfer case, or snag an important cable.

Battery-powered options are also available, and these don’t emit dangerous exhaust fumes.

You could find them when you are grilling meats, you could find them out of the exhaust of a car, you could find them from smoke from the wildfires in California, you could find them in charcoal that’s left behind.

Benzene, a pollutant from automobile exhaust, is carcinogenic and linked to childhood and adult leukemia and probably lymphoma.

The only source of outside air was an exhaust fan in a bathroom.

Installing plexiglass barriers between tables and improving ventilation by opening windows, serving customers outside, turning on exhaust fans and using HEPA filters could help lower transmission risk.

A very slight movement of the armature disc J, therefore, suffices to open to the full extent two long exhaust passages.

The exhaust-valve is exactly as when it was put in, worked by a rack-and-tooth segment.

The steady use of the organ for an hour-and-a-half's choir rehearsal would exhaust the batteries.

We occupy too wide an extent of country: we exhaust our resources without profit and without necessity: we cling to dreams.