Smash [noun]

Definition of Smash:

collision; defeat

Synonyms of Smash:

Opposite/Antonyms of Smash:

Sentence/Example of Smash:

I am sorry he made such a smash at last, but it is all that could be expected.

Don't go to smash, Dick, just at the beginning of your life.

You'll be joggled in this crowd, an' break 'em all to smash.

Ask your sister to marry me first, and smash you up afterwards.

I felt an absurd desire to smash it, for the impudent thing had been running all the while.

Every now and then the awakened people will get up and smash you.'

"Smash him, Sam—smash in his nut for him," piped the smallest Micky cheerfully.

Her husband lost all his money on a race, and came to smash, as you English say.

Do you want to start the car and have it smash into something?

No smash, however, happened, either to me or to Madame de Mauban.