Disaster [noun]

Definition of Disaster:

accident, trouble

Synonyms of Disaster:

Opposite/Antonyms of Disaster:

Sentence/Example of Disaster:

They remind us of the urgency of stopping greenhouse gas emissions to limit climate-fueled disasters and chaos in the future.

PlayStation 5 pre-orders are open, but the situation is a bit of a disaster.

The size, speed, and timing of the wildfires, coupled with the Covid-19 pandemic, have created a unique disaster.

It’s scenario planning for the worst-case disaster which could occur.

For one of America’s biggest states, it’s the fourth decade of an accelerating disaster.

Texas has a consumer protection law that’s designed to prevent businesses from exploiting the public during a disaster.

Tens of millions of people died from a combination of natural disasters and calamitous industrial and agricultural policies.

There’s a much bigger recognition and importance of mutual aid organizations in disaster relief.

Another complication is that the program’s funding is coming from disaster money at the Federal Emergency Management Agency, an agency state officials are not accustomed to working with for unemployment-insurance matters.

For almost all of us who touched that magazine, the experience was a disaster.