Harm [noun]

Definition of Harm:

injury, evil

Opposite/Antonyms of Harm:

Sentence/Example of Harm:

The global AI ethics efforts under way today—of which there are dozens—aim to help everyone benefit from this technology, and to prevent it from causing harm.

These can include factors like transportation and shelter access, and those without the necessary money and resources have the hardest time getting out of harm’s way.

Twitter said it will evaluate a tweet’s potential to cause harm when determining whether it will be removed.

And, it can also make it easier for users to locate the information they’re looking for and help you get rid of underperforming content that may be doing more harm than good.

Only then can the industry produce solutions that reduce harm.

Let’s just talk about the real harms of this to our kids and whether this is the best use of money.

Restaurant workers shouldn’t have to put themselves in harm’s way to make a living, and restaurant owners should be given a choice other than to reopen hastily or to close for good.

Ultimately, regulators need to define what is appropriate use and what could lead to harm.

I’m not going to cause the same harm that’s been caused over and over and over again.

Simply put, it’s a technology that could expose critically sensitive data without clear safeguards or regulations in place, resulting in great harm to the LGBTQ community.