Infliction [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Infliction:

And Val, in his good-nature, bore the infliction passively so long as she kept civil and peaceable.

It is the only way the infliction can be endured, for the sitting-room is so small that we cannot keep the door closed habitually.

For my part, I would just as soon suffer the infliction with bare feet as through a thin layer of stocking.

Self-immolation were easy in comparison with the infliction of one pang on her.

An endless infliction for past sins was once the doctrine: that we now generally reject.

As the infliction of injuries is a thing to be avoided, so is the bestowal of benefits to be desired for its own sake.

This infliction necessarily implies a previous equality in rank and station.

The answer of Al-Basir is that infliction of pain may under certain circumstances be a good instead of an evil.

To the people of the South the infliction of the carpet-bag government was an outrage that "smelled to heaven."

Thus orders were issued on the subject of corporal punishment, the infliction of which was reduced to a minimum.