Mischance [noun]

Definition of Mischance:

unpredictable outcome

Synonyms of Mischance:

Opposite/Antonyms of Mischance:

Sentence/Example of Mischance:

We can convey the intelligence of your mischance to her: the porter will befriend you.

By some mischance, it had been left lying on the parlour floor, and become forgotten.

Arriving in Damascus they both stay at the same Hotel: mischance second.

But, first of all, we must beware lest we meet with some mischance.

Now we have wept over our mischance, we will bury it and look to the future.

The mischance was his own doing; let him find the remedy himself.

Had she heard, by any mischance, that impertinent phrase by which I designated her?

It was a mischance, sir, but so far as I can see one that might have happened to anybody.

The Lion said to the Fox, "It is not thou who revilest me; but this mischance which has befallen me."

It was given to me, but by some mischance was lost or stolen.