Loss [noun]

Definition of Loss:

misfortune, deficit; something misplaced or lost

Opposite/Antonyms of Loss:

Sentence/Example of Loss:

It’s far from the only retailer to have suffered similar losses over the past six months.

Sales rose 133% in the first half of 2020 to $242 million, while its net loss declined 3% to $171 million from the same period a year ago.

Khudobin’s regular-season form suggested the Stars would be in good shape for a deep playoff run, the loss of their No.

Job losses at banks this year are on course to be the deepest for half a decade.

You can view this as an adaptation in the female mouse, an ability to cut her losses when there’s the scent of a new male in town.

If you want to earn big returns in the stock market, expect to live with big losses to get there.

Meanwhile, TransDigm’s shareholders have seen most of their losses from March, when the stock bottomed out at $246, erased.

From May to July, beer brewers and soda makers across the country were at a loss to source the fizzy stuff.

The loss of Cressman’s was on the front of the Fresno Bee website this afternoon.

There was no doubt thought of his own loss in this question: yet there was, one may hope, a germ of solicitude for the mother too.