Sacrifice [noun]

Definition of Sacrifice:


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Sentence/Example of Sacrifice:

Wild, Quixotic notions of sacrifice flooded his mood of dejection.

It was easily done, and without any cost or sacrifice of principle.

It was his glory that he could sacrifice it at the call of duty.

It was a way of sacrifice; she was not even sure that it could be done.

We will negotiate for it, sacrifice for it; we will not surrender for it—now or ever.

I marvel at the sense of duty, the resignation, the sacrifice.

And now he had determined to sacrifice this dearest of pets.

Young Ried had no conception of the sacrifice for which he had asked.

No wonder Bassanio exaggerates his grief and the sacrifice he would be prepared to make.

I think I knew that, if he could, he meant to sacrifice our love to John and Milly.