Reduction [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Reduction:

Gotleib contended that Arledge could sustain the reduction required.

As a rule, however, the associations will not hear of even such a reduction.

The reduction in rent in this case was at least a third of the total.

His debts of 1000 had been paid, and his allowance of 300 threatened with the reduction of a third.

This chute, Fuller had said, led to the outside at the back of the reduction plant.

The reduction of the law of nations to a system was reserved for Grotius.

I should give a conditional acceptance, and treat for a reduction of the amount.'

The reduction of the penalty, however, made this of small avail.

Second: Date of the first reduction to writing, or the preparation of drawings.

One method of solution was the reduction of one problem to another.